do u ever see a dog and ur like wow i want that dog


do you ever see an art style and just go

 oh my go d


it’s so beaut iful


If your first reaction to someone telling you that they’re ace or anywhere on the scale (gray or lithro or etc) is that they just need to find someone to accept them then you need to rethink your reaction.

Not everyone is a half to a whole and seeing yourself (or others) like that isn’t good for all people. Sure. You need other people. But there’s not a “”” one “”” anyone is waiting for who can “”” fix “”” them. It helps contribute to the idea that aromantic and ace people in general are broken in some way when we aren’t.

Not everyone needs a romantic significant other. And I’m not bitching at everyone and demanding change HERE AND NOW. Just asking for people to maybe rethink their reactions to someone being single and not flipping out if they seem to want to remain that way. Viewing people who are single as ‘broken’ or ‘desperate’ or ‘looking for someone’ is such a thing that’s hardwired into our society and its honestly something people should try to work against.

Not just for ace people, either. For everyone, including yourself. Because seeing yourself as a whole person and not needing a ‘completing part’ is a nice, healthy way to love yourself.

"[TW: rape]
“This is why a rapist does not have to be physically violent, or state in clear terms that he intends physical violence, for forceful rape to occur. When somebody has illustrated that they are willing and able to step so far outside of the boundaries of human safety, a victim has every reason to expect that there are no boundaries on their behavior. If this person is willing to have sex with somebody who very clearly does not want sex, that person is probably also willing to, or at least capable of, causing physical injury when the lack of consent turns to a physical struggle….
A rapist does not have to use violence. Initiating sex without consent already indicates how little the rapist cares about your consent in the act. How far does that lack of concern extend? Is this the kind of rapist that could continue to enjoy sex when their victim is in obvious physical pain? Could they enjoy causing the pain? Is this the kind of rapist that will happily kill their victim afterwards? A victim has no idea, whether the rapist is a stranger, acquaintance, friend, family member, boyfriend, or husband. Because if a victim could look at a person and know that they were capable of rape, they would not be within physical proximity in the first place. A victim doesn’t know their rapist is capable of rape until a rape begins; and once a victim knows that, they have no idea what else their rapist is capable of. A rapist does not have to threaten further violence. The rape is threat enough.”"

Commission for Dark-Frostwind.


Commission for Dark-Frostwind.

Watching a let’s play of Last Of Us was the worst decision I’ve ever made.



why  :c

This is perfection.


i cant get myself to insult my friends even if we both know im joking i would feel so bad saying stuff like that

the worst you’ll get out of me is “youre such a dork” or nerd instead of dork like i use nerd a lot irl i call my nephews “nerds” more than i call them their names

People always talk about how friends insult each other endearingly and argue about stuff but with my friends the closest we ever get to arguing is like

And so on and so forth.